Chatbox returns, headlines down and Backchat arrives

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Chatbox returns, headlines down and Backchat arrives Empty Chatbox returns, headlines down and Backchat arrives

Post by Ross on Sat May 03, 2008 8:07 pm

This week the Chatbox, after having been removed last month due to lack of use, is back up and running at the bottom if the homepage. Only members can use it so be sure you're signed in, and then click on 'Log In' in the top right-hand corner of the box. We welcome a few more members this week, mainly due to the chatbox, so that's great.

Whilst one box is up and running, another is down. The headlines box is experiencing problems this weekend, so we've had to pronounce it down for the meantime, but hopefully by bank holiday Monday we should have the latest motorsport headlines brought straight to your PC once more. In the meantime, visit the 'News' section under 'Motorsport', where we will continue to bring you the latest in the worlds of F1, MotoGP, BTCC and more.

This week, our 'You Tell Us...' feature has been renamed 'Backchat'. We want to encourage as much use of this as we can as it is a big step forward in Formula One discussion. For now it will remain a place where those who never know what to talk about get their opinions heard in certain aspects of the sport, but in the future we hope to expand this and give you the opportunity to discuss topical events in other motorsports.

Finally, over May and early June, the forum is expected to have less use, due to events such as examinations, but will continue to keep you updated with the latest motorsport news, and before June we expect the number of members to continue increasing. Our aim is for the current member number to double, before we go to higher ambitions for the forum over the summer.

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